Home-made Sambal Manis


Preparation 30 minutes
  • The storage life improves if you place the chilli peppers and onion in boiled water for a few minutes before you start.
  • Halve the chilli peppers lengthways and remove the stem and the seeds (for an extra-hot sambal, leave some of the seeds in place). Cut up the onion, cherry tomatoes and garlic cloves.
  • Chop everything finely and grind it up with the pestle and mortar or the food processor.
  • Place everything in a bowl and add the other ingredients. Now stir well – if you’re using a food processor this will be easy.
  • Get a frying pan and place the mixture in the pan.
  • Heat on a medium heat until the liquid evaporates.
  • The colour of the sambal will darken.
  • Taste it (carefully); you can now add extra sweet soy sauce to taste.
  • If you think the sambal is too dry, add some oil.
  • Transfer the sambal from the pan into a jar or container for storage while it’s still as hot as possible.
  •  Seal carefully and store in the fridge.