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Radishes are sometimes sold with their leaves on, tied into bunches, or ready-topped in bags. The leaves can be used in salads but must be used immediately otherwise they begin to wilt.


Check the tops first; they should be bright green and not at all wilted. The roots should be brightly coloured and free from cracks and nicks.

To store radishes, cut off the greens and store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Before using, wash gently to remove any soil.


A handful of radishes contains just 5 calories and they are also super low in fat. A great healthy snack whether you are dieting or just counting the calories.

Radishes have a fresh peppery flavour and are usually eaten raw, on their own as snacks or with a low fat dip like a tzatziki (made with zero % fat yoghurt if you want to keep calories to a minimum), or in salads and sandwiches. They can be cooked for a short time, so can be added into stir-fries for the last couple of minutes of cooking, or why not try sprinkling chopped radish onto fresh vegetable soups as a healthy alternative to croutons.