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One of the most well known vegetable in the world. Being used in dishes from Japan to the United States and all countries in between. Even though maybe not everyone knows there is quite a diverse list of different sorts of onions, some say 27 different types of onions. Red, yellow, white, sweet onions, mini onions etc. Onions are low in calories, high in calcium and high in vitamin C.


Onions really do make you cry. That’s because of the sulfuric acid in them. The acid isn’t dangerous to eat, but it sure does burn your eyes. You can peel or cut an onion without crying if you cut the root end last and if the onion is cold or you cut it while holding the onion under cold running water.

You can get rid of ‘onion breath’ by eating parsley.


Store the onions at room temperature, away from bright light and in a well ventilated area.

All onions should be stored away from potatoes, as they will absorb their moisture and ethylene gas, causing potatoes to spoil more easily. Do not store cooked onions in a metal bowl or storage container as this will cause them to discolour. Freezing chopped onions will cause them to lose much of their flavour.