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Shallots belong to the same family as the onions. While the taste of shallots comes close to the onion taste, the shallot has a milder flavour. But can still bring you to tears when you peel the product. Shallots are available in different varieties (round and long) banana shallots, yellow pickle onions, red pickle onions. The younger (smaller) the shallot, the milder the taste.


Because shallots grow in cloves, it’s easy to break off just what you need, and the other cloves will still keep for several weeks. In general, if the recipe calls for 1 shallot, use all the cloves within that single shallot bulb.


Look for firm, dry bulbs, free from sprouts. They should be well covered with a papery skin and no sign or wrinkling or sprouting.

Store in a dry shallots in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place for a month or more. Fresh shallots should be refrigerated up to one week.